Amazon, couriers on strike during Black Friday: Delivery at risk

As shopaholics eagerly await Black Friday, when November 26th is the day of maximum sale worldwide, Amazon shipments may be at risk.

Couriers and employees of companies associated with Assoespressi working on behalf of the e-commerce giant, a total of 12,000 workers, called a general strike precisely on that date that could prevent the distribution of parcels.

This was announced by Filt CGIL’s National Secretary, Michele de Rose, during the first unitary national assembly of Amazon contracted cargo delivery sector executives and delegates, stating that “the highly participatory assembly has given full mandate to Filt CGIL, Fit CISL and Uiltrasporti to announce strike”.

Among the reasons for the agitation “there is a demand to reduce workloads and cadences that have become unsustainable, and to reduce the weekly working hours of drivers,” the Felt director stated.

According to the picture set by the trade unions, delivery workers have to deliver up to 200 parcels per day, with 130-140 stops within 8-9 hours. The algorithm, which is updated bundle by package on the personal digital assistant provided to drivers, calculates traffic conditions and shows the driver the fastest route, without providing breaks.

Weekly working hours can be as high as 44 hours, an excessive number according to worker reps who want to reduce it initially to 42 and then finally to 39 hours.

Carriers also refrain from action to demand that “continuity of employment be granted to all employees, when contract and contract changes. The liability on drivers in cases of damage and deductions should be reduced and the economic value of the trip should be increased and a performance bonus offered”, de Rose said again.

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, the 2020 edition of Black Friday was the most profitable ever for Amazon sales partners worldwide, especially small and medium businesses, which saw sales growth of 60% compared to the previous year, with sales volume exceeding 4.8 billion. dollar.

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