Amazon bans character creation on entire servers due to overcrowding –

new world It continues to have success upon launch on Steam, which ironically also causes some issues Amazon, which decided to try to balance the overcrowding in the Internet world Character creation block on full servers.

With the new update applied to Server Manager, when one of them is full, it results in dark, without the possibility of selecting it to create a new character. Obviously the issue only affects new characters, so you’ll still be able to use existing characters once you’re logged in.

Amazon signaled this change with another message on Twitter, where it once again thanks the “adventurers” who visit Aeternum heavily these days and explains that with the new management, it is possible See right away If the server is full, making it inaccessible to new users.

Recently, Amazon also announced that it received more than 1 million players per day for New World, and also reported the upcoming activation of the ability to transfer between servers for free for greater guarantee Balance among the population among them and avoid creating waiting lists to reach them.

Even this new feature of reporting full servers and the inability to create new characters within them is part of the need to strike a better balance between netizens in the new world. Until today, the Amazon game itself has confirmed it Most played on Steam, having exceeded 800,000 players simultaneously and thus defeating the sacred monsters of the Valve platform such as Counter-Strike: GO and Dota 2.

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