Amazing plant immune system and some tips for growing healthy plants

The plant kingdom has had the opportunity to evolve much longer than the animal kingdom. Thanks to the time factor, plants have been able to develop specific defense systems, particularly against animal parasites, fungi or bacteria.

Plant Defenses

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Many pathogens that harm plant growth and reproduction are microbes. These pathogens multiply in the intercellular spaces, after penetrating through the pores. On the other hand, aphids feed on plant cells by inserting their fillings directly into the center of the latter. The plant responds to the infection through a binary immune system. The first part of the plant’s immune system recognizes and responds to the common molecules of different classes of microbes, while the second part responds to stronger pathogens. When the plant receptor detects the target molecule, the plant reacts by releasing antimicrobial chemicals, such as salicylic acid and ethylene derivatives.

There is also a more “primary” plant immune system. For example, some types are shown TricomyProtective hair that allows the plant to protect itself from insects and fungi.

Some tips for growing healthy plants by taking advantage of our amazing plant immune system

However, the idea of ​​some scientists that the first barrier against microbes and fungi of some plant species is … in the soil itself. In fact, if the soil is of good quality and free of chemicals or contaminants, the microbiome in existence prevents the spread of some pathogens. “Good” microbes work in two ways. In the first case, they consume a large part of the nutrients in the soil, leaving it without invaders. In the second, some bacteria directly target their pathogenic counterparts, which cause plant roots, infections, and stem diseases.

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Using good soil is without a doubt the first right thing to do. Topsoil Quality and possibly nutritious fertilizers, such as those based on neem. In this way, the natural development of microorganisms already present in the soil is encouraged, and those that take a preventive action are supported. This is how the amazing plant immune system works, some tips are enough to grow healthy plants.

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