Amazing in Australia: Ride with the fridge in the trunk

The driver found a special solution to get around the shiny household appliance with him. However, the police were not lenient and fined him

For many, the period between June and August is a holiday period. A useful moment to relax and then resume your usual routine. Obviously, one of the most common problems is choosing the things that you will take with you during your stay elsewhere. After all, as you know, everything can come in handy on vacation. In Australia, there are those who have certainly exaggerated, even choosing to bring the refrigerator with them.


The Toyota Camry caught the eye with this device on the trunk, attached to the rear pillars with long ropes. A towel is placed under the refrigerator for the dual purpose of not damaging the car body and keeping the body safer. The owner was on his way to Bondi Beach, New South Wales, and in this area, the law enforcement authorities realized the strangeness and decided to stop the driver to better inspect the car.


As soon as they understood the situation, the police quickly imposed a fine on the driver for transporting an uninsured cargo, thus violating the rules of the road. Before the driver could get back behind the wheel, officers made sure he could find a workaround for moving the refrigerator. The police involved, nor the fined driver, will certainly not forget this particular trip.

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