Amalia Bruni: “I am proud and happy for the Faculty of Medicine and New Digital Technologies at Unical”

amalia bruni, The leader of the opposition in the Regional Council does not hide his happiness with the new medical school and digital technologies that have been opened in the Unical of Cosenza: “The great satisfaction of all Calabrians with the inauguration of this new system – says Bruni without referring to the fact that the course is being held with the Umg of Catanzaro. It is a historic event that we were We have been waiting for it for many years and I believe that at the moment of its realization we must first thank Professor Sebastiano Ando who was the first to dream about it.

It is an important recognition that makes us understand how our universities can compete on an equal footing with the universities of the rest of Italy, it is no coincidence that young people with excellent training leave our universities and immediately find work in other regions.

A project being implemented that sees two areas of excellence for the university as champions, one biomedicine on the one hand and the other engineering-information technology on the other. An outstanding result that will allow us to further increase the already excellent educational offer of our universities. Really congratulations to the president of the university, Nicolas Lyon, who was able to guide such a difficult path to the end. We very much hope that these brilliant young men will have a working future in this land.”

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