Always check for Vitamin B2

There are details that many overlook when they get milk from the supermarket. what is he talking about? And why is it so important?

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The latte It is one of the products that is always on top Shopping list. when you go to supermarketIt often takes at least one Packaging.

In most cases, when the moment of choice comes, you tend to notice some factors, including Expiration, The the origin And at most production brand. Few talk about a specific aspect that could be very important in the long run.

Milk: the details not to be missed when buying it at the supermarket

It is about the existence of Vitamin B2 Which gives an essential contribution to our body. A possible deficiency can lead to various problems of no small importance such as Constant fatigue, loss of appetite, anemia, tachycardia, vision problems.

That’s why when you get lost in the meanders supermarket shelves and decided to take del latteThe question should not be taken lightly. The dairy product and its derivatives are among the main allies in terms of contribution riboflavin.

Hence, demonization Cheese It’s pretty unfair when you think about this important aspect. over there Vitamin B2 It can also be assumed by Eggs, liver and green leafy vegetables.

Be careful, the nutrients listed above are also Sensitive to heat and light. As a result, it can be completely destroyed by heat and sunlight. So, at the time of selection The packaging must also be considered. Clear ones are not sufficiently protected from light and as a result may contain less riboflavin. The same goes for yogurt, cheese and the like.

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Long cooking can be detrimental in this sense, as it can make you lose this essential ingredient. Don’t be alarmed. This is not an indication of seriousness, but only a lesser amount of Vitamin B2. To be on the safe side as well as follow the advice regarding latte, you can consume files SaladWhich does not require any kind of heating.

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