AltSpace VR and Mixed Reality teams are fully licensed –

as we already know, Microsoft It’s in the process of laying off about 10,000 employees across its various teams, including its gaming teams. Now, let’s get to know more precisely what is included under layoffs The entire AltSpaceVR teamwhich will be closed on March 10, 2023. The entire team is in Mixed reality He was dismissed.

AltSpaceVR – Virtual Reality Social Platform – Purchased by Microsoft in 2017. Canceling the entire team should also significantly reduce Redmond’s investment in metaverses. Microsoft Mesh is supposed to become the successor to AltSpaceVR, but it is not clear how seriously the company is investing in this direction.

As mentioned, Microsoft has also launched The whole team behind the MRTK framework, or “Mixed Reality Toolkit”, is a cross-platform framework dedicated to virtual reality. It’s built for Unity VR integration and works with Meta headsets, with an eye on HoloLens as well. The disposal of the entire MRTK team — which was due to be released next month — suggests Microsoft is in no rush to invest in VR.

As mentioned, Microsoft has also fired employees from Games sections. Xbox’s Phil Spencer said the layoffs were “painful”, but necessary.

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