Alternatives 2021-22, all the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Question time [VIDEO]


GPS customizations and alternatives are in progress. There is a time until 11.59pm on August 21, 2021. Applications will only be entered electronically through the ‘OnLine Instances (POLIS)’ app.

It will be necessary to have SPID credentials or, alternatively, a valid user to access services in the Ministry’s Reserved Area with specific authorization for the “Instances on the Internet (POLIS)” service.

direct review

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Until Friday, August 13, 5 information spaces

Here is the calendar, jot down the appointments on your agenda so you don’t miss the opportunity to ask a question during the live broadcast.

Monday August 9 at 2:30 PM with Maria Domenica de Batre (Gilda) direct review

Tuesday, August 10 at 2:30 PM with Chiara Cozzetto (Anif) direct review

Wednesday, August 11th at 4.00 pm with Manuela Pascarilla (Flc Cgil)

Thursday August 12 at 2:30 PM with Atilio Faringo (Cecil Scola)

Friday August 13th at 2.30pm with Paolo Pezzo (All Scola).

Information spaces will be led by Andrea Carlino, journalist at Orizzonte Scuola.


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