Alternating classroom and gymnasium wins 230 new students

The Estes Center opens the new academic year with 1,800 students. Classes started for 230 freshmen from Suism (a degree in Automotive and Sports Science) and 85 (ten more than last academic year) from a Nursing degree. Course from the University of Turinthe Suism is the most numerous in the region of AstiThe National Malaria Federation referred to it as “the best course for teaching and service at the national level”. In all, over the three years of Suism, more than 700 students gravitate towards the Asti pole.

“Important numbers – confirms Mario Sacco, president of Estes – Which drives us to invest in this course of study for the future to give classrooms and gyms to students.” also Developed degree in Nursing In order of importance and number of students: a cap of 85 new students is set annually at the regional level; The second year, 73 students, 63 students for the third. 110 students will participate in the November graduation sessions. The three-year course is associated with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Turin, which also brought Sedan: Community nurse (27 students will attend), emergency and first aid nurses (It will start in February). From next year, a master’s degree course to complete the Professional Nursing Studies course will also be revitalized. “The pandemic has taught us – explains Sacco – that professional training and good health sector practices are essential to combating emergencies and making health and care an essential asset.”

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Meanwhile, new guides who graduated at Estes are ready for their “backs”, at the end of the regional course for Natural Guides and Escorts. At the end of the path that led to the professional qualification, on Sunday they will support the Cai Piemonte, the assemblies and the municipalities of Monferrato in the walk from Ozzano Monferrato to Sacro Monte di Crea. Itinerary of 14 kilometers, passing through Trevel, Seresito, Serralunga and reaching Crea (1:30 pm).

Astiss also attends the Social Health Operator Course: Selection applications must be submitted from October 24 to 28 (8.30-16.30). New this year, the “training voucher” provided by the district: Each registered student must pay one The registration fee is calculated based on the ISEE. The course is free with ISEE up to 10 thousand euros; The fee will be 750 euros for Isee between 10 and 20 thousand euros; 1500 for I See more than 20 thousand euros. A thousand hours of courses are planned, of which 440 are in training.

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