Alpine skiing, snowboarding, and pole dancing: Bardonecchia hosts the Special Olympics National Winter Games

After a preview in December, with the Scandinavian Ski Races taking place in Sappada, the city of Piedmont will host the races from Sunday 12th to Thursday 16th March. Expect 250 athletes

Bardonecchia is preparing to host the second part of the National Winter Games Special Olympics: in the town of Piedmont, protagonist of the Turin 2006 Olympic and Paralympic Games250 athletes from 30 clubs, with and without intellectual disabilities, will arriveAccompanied by 150 family members and 100 volunteers.

Races will take place From Sunday 12 to Thursday 6 March There are three majors: Alpine skiing, downhill skiing and aerobics dancingwhile Nordic skiing was organized in Sappada (Udine) last December: “Whatever we do – confirmed the founder and vice-president of the Italian Special Olympics, Alessandro Palazzotti, during the presentation of the Games It is aimed, above all, at athletes and their families. from now on We’re going to do bigger things to prepare for the date with the 2025 Winter Games, which will be held in Turin. From this point of view, the city offers an exceptional welcome combined with unparalleled professionalism.”

On the other hand, the Games torch journey started on Thursdaylit. by two mathematicians: The torch race will land in Bardonecchia on Monday the 13thday opening ceremonyhaving touched the cities of Pragelato and Sestriere: Special Olympics Kids – commented host city mayor Chiara Rossetti – They always give us a great life lesson and very high human values. And for thisHaving lived through this experience twice already, we await it with great affection and trepidation“On this way – Turin Deputy Mayor Michela Favaro added – We continue our partnership with Olympic Valleys, which began in 2006. Thanks to Special Olympics, we give value to sport as a tool for social inclusion.

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Special Olympics is a sports movement founded in the United States in 1968 from Eunice Kennedy Shriver And over the years, it has happened spread all over the world Export its mission to promote Psychological and physical well-being and social inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities through sports. Athletes are the focus of everything: among the participants in the Bardonecchia Games, namely in skiing, there will be Luke Vergnano From the Audido team in Alpignano: “Activity with the ski club – Tell – It has helped me a lot in improving my level of autonomy. Moreover, thanks to Special, I was able to participate in some sporting events in the United States, where I met many people“.
A group of Olympic athletes lined up with union flags
Event also received encouragement By the President of the Italian Paralympic Committee Luca Bankali: “I want to thank – announce – Special Olympics because it enhances the social function of sport and its importance to inclusion and society. Our whole world bears a great responsibility and is writing a silent cultural revolution, intercepting changes in society; From this point of view, the task of sport should not be limited to training great athletes.

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