Aloy returns to show himself in an amazing new gameplay video

After he delighted us with a series of Pictures related to the Horizon Forbidden West map are in countdown to the latest playing state, The Sony event has finally allowed us to witness the exclusive gameplay of the new PlayStation console.

Over the course of the long video clip that was shown live and Taken from the PS version5, We are able to get a first look at the huge map that is the backdrop to the new adventure of Aloy, a young warrior who was helping a seriously injured man at the opening of the video. Soon after we can see the first Sequence linked to exploration In which the protagonist encounters a pair of Robotic dinosaurs Led by humans. Thus begins a very frantic battle during which the escape stages alternate with others in which Aloy tries to hit the enemy’s weak points, who however seem extremely resistant. While escaping from the creatures, the woman dives into the water and so we can admire him Beautiful sea bed. As soon as she appears, Aloy faces other enemies who are also holding a captive man A huge robot, Whose presence scares the hero who decides to go unnoticed and stay in the tall grass. This is how we see one The stealth game stageFirst, the enemies are destroyed away from the robotic creatures that protect them by stealth and then eliminated with bows and arrows. During the fight, Aloy also exerts a powerful electric attack, which is carried out by his staff and whose impact stuns the majestic opponent armed with a hammer, who is shot down helpless. After all the work, it’s time to ride one of the robotic dinosaurs, as Aloy faces off against a dangerous mammoth.

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In short, during the long video, you can enjoy different elements of the game, some of which are unpublished (like using a glider) while others reproduce the mechanics that were already seen in the first chapter but were slightly revisited.

Before we leave you to watch the movie, we remind you that the game is going to be multi-gene, so it will arrive Exclusively on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.

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