“Aloy has a beard” social controversy over the hair on the protagonist’s face –

Today’s controversy is about facial hair aloythe hero of the story Forbidden horizon west. “she has beard‘, is the accusation leveled against her, and also refers to the more general question about her physical appearance, which, according to some, would have been thought political, rather than artistic. It is clear that many guys do not know female physiology. But let’s go through the order and read some examples. After the controversy against poor Aloy.

It all comes from some Horizon Forbidden West photos detailing Aloy’s face, which started appearing on social media after the ban on reviews ended. Rather than paying tribute to the graphic realism achieved by Guerrilla Games, whose artists have created a natural female face, which also includes very fine details such as hair, moreover corresponds to a world where we don’t think there is much time to devote to jokes, gamers, and those who are obviously Not knowing women well, they decided to make fun of her.

The problem is that there are already thousands who get into controversy with memes and jokes, actually doing more harm to their wits than Aloy or women. Some, like El Analista de Bits, known for his technical analysis of video games, responded in kind, mocking those who were surprised by Aloy’s poetry:

Aloy has fluff on his mustache and chin. I say this so that those who were surprised by the presence of hair on the female body could, in the end, see something as unusual for them as a woman’s face.

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Keep yourself a virgin as long as possible, no one takes your flower. Brilliant.

What do you add? It’s impressive to see a part of the video game world discuss a similar issue in the face of a highly anticipated game release full of interesting elements. It is a pity that another opportunity to demonstrate a minimum level of maturity was wasted.

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