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Alonso in the limits of power units

Publication date: Tuesday 10 May 2022 – Sports Editorial Board

ROME (News) – Reckless about the problem that stopped the Spanish driver

The news is now certain: Alonso appears to have stopped during the last race due to a malfunction that made it virtually impossible to fix the heat engine. Thus, the power unit changes for the rider will rise to three, with little to no concerns about the upcoming Grand Prix to be held in Australia in the next few days of April.

More details reveal how the problem is with the water pump and how once broken it got to the bottom of the cooling circuit.

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Alpine engine performance

Certainly not the performance that refutes the Alpine engine, in terms of performance, one could actually dare compare with Mercedes, which makes both very close to the Ferrari-Honda pairing. But instead, driver Fernando Alonso had something to say about the shortcomings in terms of reliability. Let’s find out the details below.

What matters for engine safety is definitely the current status point considering the first two races. Laurent Rossi, Managing Director of Hotel Alpine, elaborated on the limitations of the water pump and its eventual replacement. He stressed how it is considered an integral part, which ends up disintegrating, and will not allow the replacement of the component itself, thus setting out a clear and unambiguous scenario: the loss of the engine.

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Team expectations

Alonso is one of the all-time best champions, since winning the championship in 2006 crossing the finish line starting from third and past the world champion. Bolstered by his career and his conviction of good prospects for the Australian circuit, Alonso awaits redemption in the next stage. He thinks he deserves a lot more after two races, thanks to his competitiveness, team quality and technical work. Sunday, the competition day on which points are awarded, will pay off the expected fruits of this undoubted team.

Penalty kick is close

Given the current scenario, many fear the fourth replacement of the power unit. In fact, we know that in Australia a third will be used, and this is the last available before a certain penalty kick is incurred. If there were any other problems, Alpine would have to use a fourth problem and that would cause him to drop to the starting line.

The bold decision to prioritize power even before safety may not bring good things, given the potential penalty at the start of the current season. It can be said that the future of the Grand Prix is ​​all in the pipeline for Alonso. We postpone the rest to the next race, hoping things don’t get too complicated for the driver and his entire team.

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