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Alonso in Australia already at the limit with the number of engines – News

The third race on the horizon and the third power unit on the Alpine circuit. After replacing the MGU-H heat engine, exhaust and MGU-K on Friday in Jeddah, Alonso will have to install the third thermal engine After withdrawing he struggled in the race.

A certain penalty kick, during the championship and using the 4th power unit, an engine out of the game after only two races. The scenario was explained by Laurent Rossi, for Albin who returned to retire in Al Arabiya, while Alonso was in seventh place.

Deflation caused by water pump breakdown

“It wasn’t an engine failure but the water pump and that resulted in a lack of cooling and a host of problems – engine overheating and a lot of trouble.

We have identified the problem, and hopefully it will be resolved in Melbourne. It is related to certain new engine components, the correctness of which has not been fully validated, as is the case for all teams. The good news is that this is not a structural issue, and there is no question in the engine design and engineering.”Rossi comments on Auto Hebdo.

The integrated design of the water pump in the heat engine creates difficulties in pursuing the replacement of a single component. Thus, the need to resort to a new unit from V6.

Alpine engine has performance minus reliability

It lacks reliability rather than performance, Alonso said after the first two races. Renault’s engine rating is based on similar performance to Mercedes and both are not too far behind the Ferrari-Honda duo.

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There is still the essence of reliability shown in the first two races and the absence of customer teams that relate even just how much data and kilometers can activate any alarm bells on certain components.

Rossi explained what are the limitations of water pump installation and failure in order to replace the component: “The problem is that the water pump is an integral part of the engine, and it ended up falling apart and it ended up in the engine. If we want to fix it, we’ll have to break the seals. We have lost this engine, even if its physical integrity is not directly compromised, for us it is a lesser engine.”.

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