Alliance, master of Unreal Engine 5, has helped Epic Games into the matrix, according to Greenberg –

According to Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft, Development Studio Allianceto whom we owe Gears 5 among others, is a master at usingUnreal Engine To the point of cooperating with Epic Games to achieve The Matrix: Awakeningan interactive experience launched to accompany the theatrical presentation of the fourth film in the saga.

In addition, the alliance is currently working on several unannounced projects. Greenberg: “Alliance is one of the Xbox studios that is working hard on the technical details of their games, improving their development tools and software for their console.

Greenberg also spoke aboutAcquisition of Activision Blizzardnoting that he can’t say much because of the ban, but he can still say that some really interesting news is on the way to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass.

Finally, the Xbox executive confirmed that the video clip for Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 shown at The Game Awards 2021 was shaped in part by gameplay, joking with criticism from some Ninja Theory, despite the assertions he made regarding developers. did not come.

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