Allergic to pollen? Eat these foods, they will make you feel better

Allergic to pollen? Eat these foods, you won’t believe the result: How you can change your diet to try to get better

With the advent of spring and summer, the plants wake up and begin to bloom and bloom, but unfortunately many people also begin to suffer from Allergy to pollengiven the greater presence of the latter.

Foods that can help with allergies (Photo: Pixabay).

In addition to follow-up by a specialist (especially in the most serious cases) so that we do not take risks, to avoid contracting many diseases we can Changing our diet and possibly eating these foods can help us.

Allergic to pollen? Eat these foods, you won’t believe the result: they can help us

as stated GreenMeThere are many foods that with their properties can help us with allergies in the most severe seasons; Along with specific treatments agreed with doctors, we can help with it Certain foods to reduce inflammation or to strengthen the immune system.

Among these is Ginger which, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, can relieve typical allergy symptoms such as swelling and irritation of the nasal passages, eyes and throat; Moreover bee pollen Sold in small balls, they can have these effects and may be added to savory yogurt for a snack.

Turmeric is another spice that has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and ginger is also very helpful for swelling and irritation. If we wanted to move on to side dishes and toppings instead, we’d find tomatoes; Rich in Vitamin C, it also contains Lycopene, an antioxidant compound that is very useful for fighting infections.

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Allergic pollen
Tomatoes can help (Photo: Pixabay).

they contain quercetin Instead of that Onionswhich works just like a Natural antihistamines It gives us relief from seasonal allergies; Moreover, these bulbs also contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements and therefore cannot be eaten in a hypoallergenic diet.

Finally, too dried fruit It can bring us benefits: for example, nuts It contains a large amount of magnesium, which helps in breathing. If we have respiratory problems, then we can count on them. To avoid allergies instead, like apples, because they contain allergens.

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