Allegations of Toxic Behavior in Team of the Season for PS5 –

season It is new exclusive to PS5 Which was considered one of the best news seen during the 2020 Game Awards, but apparently within the indie team Scavenger Studio Things do not properly reflect the beauty of the product being worked on, and management has also accused it Toxic behaviors And violent.

A new study by begins from various Testimonials – recommendations By developers of Scavenger Studio (also team author of The Darwin Project) who decided to unveil theProblematic environment Where they work. There are 9 people, including developers who are still working by the team and others who have left, which is an important ratio if we consider that the studio in question consists of about 30-40 employees.

The developers report that the team consists of talented and passionate people, but the work environment is under great risk from team management, especially for Simon Darvo (Coming from Ubisoft, another company that has been at the center of a similar controversy, and founder of Spearhead Games) supported in some way Scavenger Amélie Lamarche CEO, Which in fact also has a romantic relationship with Darfu.

Various testimonies talk about discrimination Towards women, even really Officer Inappropriate behavior, which also results from alcohol use in the workplace, but generally aggressive behavior toward many employees. In addition, the witnesses reported ill-treatment and allergies.

The problem is that these fluctuations cannot pass Procedure standard Within the company because in reality there is no human resources department within it, as it is A very small teamThe reference figure for these matters is CEO Lamarche, who is closely associated with Darvo with respect to emotional and personal matters and actually appears to support his behavior.

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But it is surprising how all this is clear variance With what happens from Season the game was admired upon display: its poetic beauty and the fact that it appears to be based on a story that speaks to empowerment and the glorification of diversity.

In any case, we are looking forward to any clarifications and developments on this issue, which at the moment seems to be in line with other similar cases that have emerged recently in the indie field such as Aeon Must Die or Qena: Spirits Bridge.


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