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Be careful with these apps, your phone may be infected and you don’t know it. Viruses masquerading as apps from the Play Store have been identified, and have deceived millions of users.

Recently a well-known company from Saber safety McAfee she has Individually 16 Application dangerous to play a store. Behind the facade of the applications innocent There are hidden viruses of the category “adware“, This is it software which aims to exploit the infected device to defraud international advertising circles.

Over 20 million downloads have been made, one of which alone has reached 10,000,000 downloads. Many users have fallen victim to these fake products Applicationand they don’t notice all the time that their device is infected.

These types of programs are very adept at hiding and working in the shadows, and are able to integrate with other applications for a store tricked million users. This time thanks to the well-known company Saber security, they could have been tracked, let us From get to know them before we can download them. We see together List those Application infected and how it works.

virus adwareHow it works

The type of virus it is located in Application he is adwarederived from “advertisementsie, advertising, and “programs.” Purpose of a adware Who is this Show or click banner adsAnd the In order to receive payments from the advertising department. Their earnings expect thousands of them to be used smart phonesor sites with banners that are opened thousands of times.

According to company Saber safety McAfeeThe apps manage to do both Generate billions of clicks from 20 million devices. Even hard to imagine the amount earned, unknown From unsuspecting users, by those who created this scam system.

16 Application criminalize take over smart phones that have been installed and proceed to Open the background browserie in the background. the user He saw nothing while they worked in the shade.

Through the browser, websites that were created only to contain banner ads were opened, which were directly clicked by the hidden code from the application. In practice, he was able to simulate the behavior of a real user. Thus thousands of clicks were generated every hour for each of them smart phones infected, each of which was then paid to the owners of the sites that hosted the banners and which, of course, were associated with Application that lead to clicks.

The user has no way of knowing that their device is infected because Application They started their business on their own After at least 60 minutes since installation. damage to the user It was limited to one Excessive battery consumption (The phone was always on) and the data from the phone plan because Application They worked even without calling WIFI.

Which Application to avoid

there the society Security make it public names Application Infected found in the play a store. The Application Found are 16 and range from all kinds. It is the most downloaded Application camera, but there too Application Take notes, readers Qatari Ryal waiting lists, services for Instagram And for maintenance smart phonescurrency converter and much more. Here is a list Application To avoid:

  • The high speed room.
  • Clever Task Manager.
  • flares.
  • block note (Application in Korean).
  • K-dictionary.
  • Busan bus.
  • flares.
  • fast NB.
  • Currency Transformers.
  • Joycode.
  • Ezdeca.
  • Instagram Profile personly downloads.
  • ez notes.
  • electronic lamp (Application in Korean).
  • calculator (Application in Korean).
  • flares+ (Application alternative).

all of these Application It has already been removed from the play a store From The GoogleAnd the after reporting company From Electronic security. In the vast majority of cases Application It has been removed from Play a store For security reasons, it also automatically disappears from smart phones which are installed on them, thanks to the mechanisms The Google game Protect.

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