All you need to know about Peacock’s Love Island USA Season 4: premiere date, filming location and more


Welcome back, islanders! Summer is in full swing and in July, Love Island USA will be heating up the reality scene with new faces and sexier challenges.

After three seasons on CBS, NBC acquired the US version of Love Island in the UK. Switching to the network’s streaming site, Peacock, will give islanders more freedom by better reflecting the real (and somewhat candid) nature of the original dating show.

Unscripted Entertainment Executive Vice President Jenny said. Groom said in a February press release: “Love Island is a very compelling, ready-to-play dating format for a streaming service like Peacock, where we can push boundaries and create exciting and dramatic upheavals for viewers.” “The series has taken over pop culture after the British format has found fans around the world and we’re thrilled to be able to bring a whole new version to Peacock this summer.”

Peacock gave the show the green light for seasons four and five, in which he parodied the hottest episodes and pairs ever.

Love Island USA previously touched on the worst content during Season 3, which aired in the summer of 2021, sharing more lewd clips on CBS’ Uncut Paramount+.

“For Paramount+, you get a little bit of extra power,” longtime host Ariel Vandenberg told Us Weekly exclusively in June 2021 ahead of the season premiere. “If there’s anything we can’t get on air, it’s on Paramount+. So there’s also a lot of fun and new and exciting things to try out there.”

Only time will tell if the reality series’ new home — and the uncensored content — will make the pairs last. However, the hypothesis remained the same. Starting next month, viewers will follow a group of singles searching for love as they live together in a mansion.

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Week after week, they will forge alliances and compete in exciting challenges in the name of love and money – $100,000 prize in hand. As viewers vote for the best couple, it will be up to the last two islanders to decide whether to share the money, break off their relationship, or try to keep the prize for themselves.

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