All the ways the world said to Muhammad Ali is the greatest of all

Since that evening (late at night for Italians) is wonderful and memorable in Atlanta in 1996, at the end of which the last torchbearer was shivering from his illness but proud and heroic unmatched in the Olympic Games, Fortunately, Muhammad Ali was fully discovered and today everyone is convinced that he was the “greatest” ever.
Today is his birthday, after he was born on January 17, 1942, but instead of reclaiming his career it is now imprinted in the minds of millions of fans and not only, it is good to present some kind of account for film, literary and editorial production in general. Recent years have analyzed the formidable athletic, social, historical, political and humanitarian character of Muhammad Ali.

Let’s start with the three episodes that Federico Buffa on Sky dedicated to the Boxer in 2017. These are three episodes overflowing with not only information that is often unknown, but also with reflections on the human condition, about being this extraordinary hero of his time. It is probably funny at its highest levels also for its ability to transport us to the American world as it did during the basketball matches of the late 1990s and early 2000s. From that experience, along with Elena Catuzi, the book “Muhammad Ali”. A Decisive Man for the Decisive Man, ”which confirms above all the most wonderful legacy in the history of sport because it carries civil rights, sporting values, the importance of being a voice, not just a body, and much more that American and American athletes have been working and continuing to question themselves for decades .

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Also on Sky is the documentary “I Am Ali” where we can hear Ali’s voice who recorded the phone calls he made specifically to his kids because he was already aware that this material would be a thing of the past. Thanks to his voice, we see a man who is different from the one always on the cover. He was a very cynical and self-deprecating man, he understood very well the weight of his responsibilities not only in sports and for this reason he also understood that he was working for future generations, glorifying an already huge figure for sporting victories, but also for all the world community.

Net of great classics to bring back if you haven’t seen them, like “Ali” starring Will Smith, Much weaker than one of the most beautiful sports documentaries ever, When We Were KingsFocus on the challenge in Zaire against Furman, then continue with “What is my name” and “The Trials of Muhammad Ali.” It should be noted above all, “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight,” released in 2013, in which he narrated the famous clash between Ali and the state government United after the boxer refused to go to fight the Vietnam War.

If we turn to books, then even in this case in recent years there have been many very beautiful books about the most important figure of a boxer of all. One of the first to discover his sporting personality in chronological order was Andrea Bacchi, “Muhammad Ali. The Story of a Revolution”, published by Ultra Sport in 2013. From there are many books that define the complex shape, such as “The Greatest. The Story of My Life”, written by the boxer With Richard Durham, and published in Italy by Mondadori, “Muhammad Ali. Life”, perhaps at this moment the most complete book, published by 66thand2nd in 2019, is able to find very different and new sources that shed light on lesser-known aspects, while following up. Ali. Il fugno d’oro “By Paolo Markchi who also looks at his character for the refractions he has acquired in the religious and”Bustle in the woodsWritten by Luigi Gelpa on the Kinshasa Challenge in 1974. Finally, the book was released in Italy thanks to Feltinelli in 2014, and for many it is a brief book about Ali’s character, “King of the World.” The true story of Cassius Clay, aka Muhammad Ali, is by David Remnick.There are still a lot of reports about the most important athlete of all time and fortunately there will still be a lot to see, read and hear about the greatest of them, Muhammad Ali.

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