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The Big Apple is perhaps the most popular city in the world. And with the US borders reopening to international tourism, this mega-city is preparing to welcome visitors with very interesting news.

to announce it New York City and Company, The official promotion authority for the five boroughs of New York City bearing the slogan “that it It’s time for New York CityLet’s find out together some of the major news we’ll find in the Big Apple.

News in transportation New York

Many innovations related to transportation that will make the tourist experience in this place more enjoyable, easy and organized.

L’incredibile Moynihan Train Hall

An example of all of this is Moynihan train hall, a stunning 28m high railway pavilion with vertical skylights that transformed the gigantic J shapeAmes A. Farley Post Office Building The transportation hub of the 21st century serving LIRR and Amtrak passengers.

New station with 50% more space in the lobby, modern guidance system and information displays. In addition, plans have been announced for a new footpath that will seamlessly connect New York City’s High Line to Moynihan Train Hall, which is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Exterior photo of the new Hull Moynihan train

Airport renovation

Terminal B at the airport has also been renovated LaGuardia Which includes 35 new gates, along with shops, food and beverage and services that double the previous offer.

By the middle of next year, with the completion of the new Delta C stationVisitors will be greeted by the airport’s avant-garde appearance with two new building terminals connected by an impressive Central Hall, with the statues of Orpheus and Apollo, already located at Lincoln Center.

While the project Air trainScheduled for completion in 2025, it will provide a convenient rail link to the Long Island Railroad and the New York City Subway providing travelers with a 30-minute service from Manhattan to the airport.

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Elle Newark Liberty International Airport

News also related to the new brand Newark Liberty International Airport, A terminal of approximately 93,000 square meters which will be 20% larger than the existing Building A. The terminal will have 33 new gates and special recent design changes incorporated into the structure.

The new terminal will also be equipped with the latest technology, security features and biometric updates. In addition, an elevated railway system will be built.

New York tourist attractions news

Lots of news also regarding tourist attractions in New York. For example, file Phoenix Family Cheryl Roller Coaster Ship Opened this summer in Coney Island. With a height of 20 meters, the ride speed of the new roller coaster will reach nearly 55 kilometers per hour.

Amazing new spa

A new spa, created by the visionaries of the QC Terme Spas & Resorts group in Italy, will open next month in Governor’s Island, marking the first quality control property in the United States. Tickets are officially available for online purchase.

extraordinary summit

SUMMIT, New York City’s newest observation deck tallest new iconic skyscraper One Vanderbilt.ch, opened on October 21. SUMMIT will take visitors to the highest point downtown overlooking the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and North Central Park, and the ledges of the towering glass floor more than 305 meters above Madison Avenue.

New York Observatory

Unbelievable top

RiseNY, a new entertainment landmark

Rizni, a new entertainment landmark opening later this year, will connect visitors to New York City in a unique and unusual way, exploring the city’s history through live actors, immersive media, and galleries, culminating in an arduous journey.

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Museums, cultural and entertainment organizations

New York’s surprises do not end there, there are also many innovations in terms of museums, cultural and entertainment organizations. There are already a lot of them and that’s why we picked the most interesting ones.

The birth of the American LGBTQ + Museum

In mid-September, LGBTQ+ celebrities, elected officials and council members held a unveiling ceremony forLGBTQ + American Museum The New York Historical Society in Central Park West, whose construction is expected to begin next year.

Banksy: Genius or Vandal?

It opened earlier this month at 526 Sixth Avenue, Banksy: Genius or Vandal? It is a world famous gallery dedicated to the brilliant British artist.

It’ll be on display until Thanksgiving weekend, delving into the controversial artistic world of one of today’s most influential creators. It also includes more than 80 original Banksy works from private European collections.

Automania on display at MoMA

otmaniaInstead, it will be on display at MoMA until January 2, 2022 and provide an in-depth look at automobiles, an object that has inspired innovation, social transformation, and critical debate.

The exhibition explores the mixed emotions that arose in response to 20th century auto culture through cars, components, architectural models, films, photographs, posters, paintings and sculptures.

Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams

Fashion lovers will be able to admire instead Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams, gallery shown in Brooklyn Museum Until February 20, 2022 covering the innovative history and legacy of the House of Dior and highlighting the many sources of inspiration for fashion creators, including a diverse collection of more than 200 pieces of haute couture, as well as photographs, drawings, videos, vintage perfume items and accessories.

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Van Gogh Immersive Exhibition new York

Thanks to her summer success, she’ll be back too Van Gogh Immersive Exhibition new York At Pier 36 from November 17 to January 2, 2022, Vincent Van Gogh presents in a captivating digital exhibition, giving guests a rare opportunity to “enter” the artist’s work.

MoMA . Shows

Entrance to the Museum of Modern Art

Outdoor Activities and Waterfront

News also for lovers of the outdoors who will be able to enjoy many activities that will make your New York experience more interesting.

One of these is Little Island which opened on Pier 55 as a free public park with green space, a 687-seat amphitheater, square, lawn, food and drink suggestions and more.

Supporting Communities

Last but not least, it was launched earlier this year The black experience in New York City, An event dedicated to celebrating the diversity and nuances within New York City’s black community and all that makes it unique.

But not only that, he made his debut as well The Latin Experience in New York City Show the most diverse Latin representation of any city in the world and how Latin American culture is an integral part of the city’s fabric.

Finally, NYC & Company expected too Supporting the Asian Community in New York City With additional content planned to highlight the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Not forgetting that the organization continues to release robust content and updated online resources for travelers associated with LGBTQ + NYC e Accessible New York City.

In short, New York will be more beautiful than ever. And now that the borders are about to reopen, all that’s left is to pack your bags for departure for the Big Apple.

New York news

Aerial view of the New York skyline

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