All the benefits for 2022

Young people under the age of 36 who buy a home can take advantage of some important perks, ranging from registration tax exemption to tax exemption. In the following article we see all the bonuses dedicated to these topics.

The Home bonus less than 36 Provides many Privileges For young people who decide to buy their main home. Incentives are also active for those who decide to purchase the property by requiring a loan agreement.

Let’s see in the following article what are all the active benefits of 2022.

Home Bonus Under 36: All the Advantages

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The Young people under 36 intends Buying a master home Some may benefit PrivilegesWhether at the time of purchasing the property or in determining the financing plan.

The Advantages when buying a property interest:

  • immediate exemption from registration tax;
  • immediate exemption from mortgage and property taxes;
  • recognition of a tax deduction equal to the amount of VAT paid for the purchase of new premises, if it is due;
  • in case if take out a mortgageIn addition, exemption from the alternative tax is envisaged, equal to 0.25% of the total amount.

House bonus under 36: how to indicate it

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For declarative purposes credit tax must be shownInstead of that:

  • In the G8 . line of Form 730 relating to tax credits;
  • In the CR13 . line From the income model Pf.

Once this is done, it is necessary Fill in the column corresponds to your situation:

  • Column 1 should indicate the tax credit for repurchasing a “first home” that did not find capacity in the tax generated by the previous return;
  • Column 2 should indicate the tax credit due in 2021;
  • Column 3 should indicate the tax credit used for clearing on Form F24 up to the date the return form was submitted;
  • Column 4 should indicate the tax credit used to meet the stipulated business after the purchase of the “first home” subject to VAT.
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The tax credit can then be included as compensation within F24using cipher greeting 6928 The ‘tax credit’ is called the ‘first house under 36’ – Art. 64, c. 7, DL n. 73 for the year 2021″.

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