All songs on Purple Disco Machine album “Exotica”

purple disco machine She is one of the leading names not only in electronic dance, but in the entire international music scene.

As for the sounds of hit songs, the German DJ took the top of all the charts and made us dance and sing for at least two summers. Now is the time to hear it all albumAnd Exotica, just released (also on TIMMUSIC).

>>>He listens Exotica Your music!

Exotica By Purple Disco Machine (real name Tino Piontek) honors the 80’s and all the artists who inspired him to create music, setting him on the path to success.

The 14 songs on the album were influenced by British pop, Italian disco Giorgio Morrowder, Funk Prince, and electronic R&B soul Luther Vandross, Jam and Lewis and the voice of George Michael and Quincy Jones.

ExoticaOn top of that, it has all the grooves, guitars, and bass lines typical of DJ and Producer Dresden productions.

The album begins with an overwhelming majority I can’t get enough With Australian singer Sahara Beck. second track, in disco, sees the participation of Lorenz Rhodes (with whom he has already collaborated on the song music in you) and uses the vocoder and piano, making it the perfect piece to dance to at the club.

Do not stop It marks a return to the old German DJ club tracks, as well as the track that gives the album its name Exotica And the disco house track Playbox.

The connection to the world of club music also appears in Loneliness, song created with Italian producer Francesca Lombardo. NS I rememberPurple Disco Machine teamed up with singer Elderbrook (an artist highly regarded by electronic music fans), which created a melancholy atmosphere.

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Moreover Want to feel like a lover It has a beautiful atmosphere, with the sound of the 80s and solo sax. The DJ/Producer also collaborated on the album with English-Ukrainian duo Bloom Twins on the song vs. Crazy, a pop piece with guitar tracks the Prince style.

Great energy shines through hand to the sky And the sounds of Furious and the Gospel House Choir. Last but not least, collaborating with Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue for the funky song money money, which in its vocal lines hints at the best of New York boogie woogie.

Exotica Include pound hit Hypnotic, fireworks And the latest song on the radio right now dopamine, which ranked #1 on the Earone Dance chart for 4 consecutive weeks and #3 on radio broadcasts.

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