All Sold Out to Split Heron, Tony Kocock: “Best Moments? The Three Episodes with the Bulls and the Experience in Treviso”

Trento. guest of honor in sports festival he is Tony Kucock, Heron Split. The legendary number 7, which since 2021 has become part of Naismith Basketball Hall of FameShe left her mark in both Europe and America, and won Three Nba . episodes With me Jordan bullsAnd the Three European Cups with JugoplastikaAnd the Olympic silver medals with Yugoslavia and CroatiaAnd the The world of gold and two Europeans always with Yugoslavia. A highly respected palm that allowed him to inscribe his name among the names of the world’s basketball giants.

Humble despite his remarkable success, in his first statement he is keen to thank the audience for all the support he has given him throughout his career. Let’s say it start from the end, from inclusion in the Hall of Fame: “Getting into the Hall of Fame means reaching the top and being recognized. It goes beyond winning or losing, it means that you left an indelible mark on the game. I was accompanied by MJ, who promised me many years ago, and Jerry Rensdorfthe owner of The Bulls, who was among the first who trusted me and believed that I could also do well in the NBA.”

Yes, because Tony was. Among the first Europeans to break into the American League. It can be said that he broke the balance between European and American basketball. Thanks to his physique and way of playing, the world class basketball player and his unique style managed to raise the head of the NBA scoutsAnd the Which made them realize for the first time that even outside there are talents that cannot be underestimated. In short, if we had today Luka Doncic That’s because Tony Kokok was there first.

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About Nba Toni’s experience is very clear: “My best memory was winning the three rings. Of course, we didn’t know we’d reach the infamous Three Peat: You start each season without knowing the end result. Let’s say with those bulls we had a fully lubricated mechanism in our hands, we knew that when we played well there were few teams that could beat us. In 97-98 we knew it would be our last year together from day one, when Elephant (Jackson, Bulls coach, editor) introduced himself to the schematic brochure the last dance. We were hoping we could change the management’s ideas, but the decision was made.”

To get to the NBA, it was necessary to go through the 92nd Olympics, those notorious Olympics Dream Team. “The first match against the United States was a disaster – says Kokok -. I didn’t play well and Michael and Scotty were playing well I decided to defend myself from start to finish to see if I would prove to be a good teammate. Plus we decided not to waste too much energy in the first match to conserve energy.”

Another turning point was World Championships in Bormio 1987, when Kokok, in a Yugoslav jersey, beat the United States by scoring 37 points with 11 points out of 12 from the three-point streak, making more than one header outside.

Also fond memories of his Italian experience: “A Treviso They immediately welcomed me with open arms. From the first moment they made me feel part of the team. These have been some of the best years of my career and if I hadn’t received the proposal from the Bulls I would probably have thought twice before leaving Treviso,” concludes Kocock, surrounded by his former Benetton teammates.

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