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Sanctions against merchants who refuse to pay at points of sale will start in June. It has been mandatory since 2013, but so far, no rules providing for penalties have come into effect. Let’s see together what the news is.

The PNRR . Decreeapproved by Council of MinistersI, advanced pounds administrative penalties chest against Retailers who refuse to pay at the point of sale. In fact, the fines were supposed to start from January 1, 2023, but the government decided to advance the time by six months.

Let’s see together what will change starting next summer.

POS & Cash 2022: Penalties as of June 30

credit card payment-buy-sell-product-service-minThe Penalties Administrative to Merchants who refuse to pay the mandatory point of sale They will leave From 30 June 2022instead of the start of the new year, as originally planned from DL n. 152 for the year 2021, containing urgent provisions to implement the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and to prevent mafia infiltration. To confirm what has just been said is the approval of PNRR . Decree by treasury.

Fines are expected to start From next June 30th are included inArticle 15 subordinate PNRR . Decree:

… Regarding penalties for non-acceptance of electronic payments, the words “as of January 1, 2023” have been replaced by the following: “as of June 30, 2022”.

Point-of-sale payment obligation for merchants and merchants

Points of sale and cash 2022: all the news from June 30In spite ofPOS payment commitment for merchants and professionals he is Valid since 2013no rules of any kind have yet been envisaged regarding Penalties For those who reject electronic transformations.

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The commitment was created byart. 15 of Legislative Decree No. 179 for 2012 For persons engaged in the activity of selling products and services, including professional, which they should have accepted From 1 June 2013 Pay points of sale using debit and credit cards. In fact, the article in question states that:

… in relations with users, they are required to accept payments due to them as of June 1, 2013, for any reason due, including the use of information and communication technologies.

However, the obligation did not entail any penalties in case of violation, until today.

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