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Let’s summarize all news that was presented on the occasion of Resident Evil Gallery Tonight. Actually they are not many, given that he focused on the products that will arrive in the coming months, repeating some known information, without talking about the future of the series.

The first part of the event is dedicated to Resident Evil Village: Shadows of Rose, for which a new trailer has been shown. Then the new features that would be added to the game with the Winters update were shown again, including the ability to replay it in third-person. Nothing was already known, in fact, but one release experimental On October 21, 2022 which will allow you to experience all the news.

The Resident Evil franchise is more vibrant than ever
The Resident Evil franchise is more vibrant than ever

In the section devoted to Resident Evil, there was also a space to talk about Resident Evil Re: Verse, whose release date has been revealed in Early Access and new gameplay is featured in a trailer.

So the focus was on the Resident Evil 4 remake, which featured a lot of gameplay, with some clips making room to see some of the characters recreated in HD. There was also room for new mechanics and for different versions. He also announced the release on PS4 and the possibility for those who buy that version to get one PS5 for free, should they change console.

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