All necessary precautions to prevent mold and moisture in the shower cabin and to avoid health hazards

Mold and damp spread are known to be dangerous to health. A place in the house where this can be done easily is the shower cubicle.
In this article, we will see all the necessary precautions to prevent mold and moisture in your shower cabin and to avoid health hazards. Most shower cubicles are covered with waterproof tiles and panels. They are completely waterproof, but if you want to avoid mold or moisture, you must make the box completely waterproof and close the parts where water can penetrate: Dish Shower joints and shower cubicles.

Here are all the precautions needed to prevent mold and mildew in your bathtub, and to avoid health risks

Close the shower tray

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If the perimeter of the bathtub has gaps on the sides, they must be sealed with silicone putty. Add waterproof concrete to walls, as it repels water and is resistant to mold. With the help of silicone, apply a fiberglass gasket along the edges of the bathtub.

Sealing welds

Dip your finger into the paste and apply it to all joints with light pressure. After sealing all tiles, dry and clean with a damp sponge. Apply a sealant Boyaca Its basis is silicone with the help of a brush.

Close the walls of the bathtub

Place an adhesive sponge in the joints of each slide to completely isolate the shower cabin. This adhesive should be placed perfectly, so that the water is absorbed while it remains in the shower box.

They are the prices

Even if you can count on DIY if you qualify, the advice is to count on a niche company or professional. Service rates depend on who will do the work. But the cost, in general, does not exceed 250 euros.

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