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Europeans and the crowd are in the stadiums, ok by the government in Rome

“We have worked hard to achieve this result which is not just about football, but all Italian sport. It is not just a matter of reopening the stadium, it is a symbolic moment. On that day – everyone hopes that it will be the culmination of a restart path of the entire sporting movement.” These are the words of the Undersecretary for Sports Valentina Vizali in Adnkronos after the government approved for Europeans at least 25% of the capacity as requested by UEFA. “It’s a signal that I hope will be captured in the right way: It’s the light at the end of the tunnel,” he added. Four matches are scheduled in the capital, starting June 11th. As for vaccinations for players in the European Football Championship, we will check any needs as well as UEFA protocols. They are available for sport, but they are available primarily for the country. An audience in the stadium for the Euro 2021 soccer tournaments scheduled for June? “There is a comparison with FIFA. We are working to create the conditions,” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza. And obviously we’ll do that also more as a beta, because if the numbers are high, we need to find a way to be able to manage them completely safely. But the direction of the government is favorable. ”The government – Esperanza continued – is doing everything possible. We believe this important, even symbolic event can give a message of confidence to our country. It is also an opening event, so there will be a great deal of attention on European and international media, and the government is committed to achieving this goal. “Italy and Rome are there! The government’s approval for the audience to attend the matches in Rome for Euro 2020 is great news that we will transmit immediately to the European Football Association”, as Gabriel Gravina, president of the International Federation of Football Associations, comments on the official communication he sent in the post Noon by Valentina Vezzali, Deputy Prime Minister for Sports. “The message that the country’s CEO is sending – Gravina continues – is a message of great confidence and an extraordinary vision. Italy is demonstrating its courage, that Italy, which is fighting the epidemic and working at the same time, is safely restarting according to a clear and specific program and calendar.” “I would like to thank President Draghi and his government, Minister of Health Hope – concludes by the President of the International Federation of Football Association (FIGC) – but above all, Under Secretary Vezzali who immediately expressed her full support for the realization of this great event which showed in a few days the quality and determination of Opening an important file like this. ” The government’s approval of fans at the European Football Championship is “great news”. These are the words of Connie President Giovanni Malagy in Adnkronos after the Draghi government approved at least 25% of the Olympic stadium capacity for European football leagues. “Applause to Federcalcio and to President Gravina. Government and Undersecretary Vizali Gideen, with this decision gives hope to all Italian sports.” The European Football Association (UEFA) concludes that the European Championship in Rome will definitely be a huge success. The tweet “2021 Europeans from the region fully support the government’s initiative for Rome” on Twitter, the region’s president, Nicolas Zingaretti. “We are ready to do our part, starting with healthcare so that this wonderful event can be carried out safely. It will be a test for restarting and a showcase for an Italy that is reborn. We are there.” Italian Serie A president, Paolo Dal Pino, commented, “I warmly welcome the government’s decision to have a crowd equal to 25% of the stadium capacity in the Olympic stadium in Rome for the next European Championship.” End of today’s meeting by sharing the video link for all twenty clubs. At the opening of the meeting, the issue of the fans’ return to the stadiums was discussed. “This is an important signal for the country, an infusion of confidence. And a return to the normalcy that we hope will include our meetings as soon as possible.” “Lega Serie A has already prepared a detailed, year-long protocol to reopen the facilities to the public, in complete safety and protection of the fan, with a gradual increase in percentage We expect that from the upcoming matches we will be able to return to host no less than 1000 spectators, a number equal to that with which we opened the season and we can guarantee wide distances in the external facilities. By monitoring the progress of the epidemic, infections and vaccinations, I am also sure that in the last rounds of The Italian Serie A championship can have the stadium’s opening ratios similar to those guaranteed for European matches, so that the tournament can also be used. As a test of the important European show. ” “European football tournaments will be held at the Olympic Stadium with the attendance of the audience. I thank the government.” The Mayor of Rome Virginia Raji tweeted. “The approval has arrived even after our request. It’s good news, a great result for Rome and Italy!” Says Simon Valente, deputy to the 5-Star Movement on a committee Culture: “The government’s approval for fans to be present on the stadium during European football matches in Italy is excellent news.” Allow public participation, even if the percentage is small, naturally providing adequate safety measures, this is what we had hoped, taking into account also the work And significant investments have already been made for this sporting event. ” “But now – he continues – it is more necessary than ever to deal with other sporting events and competitions. The presence of spectators at Euro 2021 cannot be an exception, we must work to restore normalcy gradually without discrimination,” concludes Valente.

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