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At present Proposes tonight, June 8, 2021, the fourth episode of First date for the cruise. The truth is Role From the dispatch dedicated to Blind dates between completely strangers, Run, as usual, by Flavio Montrucchio.

Tonight, board the cruise ship first date The narcissist, as he defines himself, Manuel; and then Petro, 29 years old from Verona, professional racer: “I play football and I am a goalkeeper. I have learned to take hits in the game and in life.” There are also BarboraOriginally from Slovakia, he loves to travel and has also worked as a hostess for other airlines and cruises.

SilviaFinally, she was on her first cruise. Wants to enjoy every moment and relax and “Bring out Sylvia Ajmal” He claims.

Ready for a new dinner, Danilo also returned to the stage. This is after the unsuccessful appointment with Rosetta, during The second episode of the reality showTry his luck again with another encounter in the dark. “It was a great date and there was a closeness”Danilo says. “But in the end, nothing worked.”

Episodes of the first edition of First date for the cruise They are also visible through the streaming service Discover +.

First cruise date June 8th

First cruise date June 8, live broadcast البث

The arrival of new cruise passengers. The first person to board the ship is Manuel, meticulous, attentive to the outward appearance and well-groomed. Determines “PrinceNarcissist. “I would like to learn to live more slowly” I acknowledge. Then, it’s up Petro, by profession rider. He’s never been on a cruiseCan’t wait to discover the ship’s surprises. “I feel a lack of support, I have to expose myself a little and look for a soul mate” Says.

Meanwhile, he is thirty-one years old Barbora You have already entered her cabin. “I was not happy with my previous jobs. I lacked stability.” Announce. “If I met a man who already had a son or daughter like me, I think he would understand my situation better.”.

DaniloOn the other hand, he was burned from his last date with him Rosetta. Which unfortunately It didn’t go well. He would like to meet another girl, but in the meantime he tells the conductor, Montrucchio, about it “I’ll go fishing”. Meanwhile Danilo be friends AngeloInstead, he was very satisfied who appointed him. At the pool he meets Danilo Barbora, which remains from him immediately kidnapped.

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Silvia, aged thirty-one Veteran first dateInstead, he waits for his first blind date on the ship. “In the meantime, I want to enjoy these days, I deserve it. I will bring out the most beautiful and lovable Sylvia”. So, I decided to look for her.”first dateIn the nave of the church.

The first cruise date is on June 8, dinner begins at the restaurant

The first to arrive at the club for the first blind date is Alexandra, small Ex-model who loves sports and motorcycles. Today it works In the field of funeral honors. “I would like to meet someone who is smart, kind and cheerful. But not arrogant.” I acknowledge Alexandra. For her come Manuel, 26 years old. Their first meeting was very positive: chatting and chatting amicably right away.

So, come Danilowho was satisfied with it Flavio Montrucchio And I got a second chance with Barborawho met him at the pool. And who was kidnapped from him?. “I’ve had enough!” Shouted Danilo. “I don’t trust easily, when someone tries with me I often get cold. Boy will have to work hard to earn me.” announce.

Finally, it’s also time to recruit for the veteran warrior Silvia. “I think I am the most optimistic woman in Italy. Perhaps after thirty there is no yes”. dinner with Petrowho enters the room clearly excited.

Meanwhile, dinner parties began. Danilo, on the table with BarboraIt’s completely different from what it looked like at dinner Rosetta; Less rudeness, e more romantic. Ma Barbora don’t get upset: You want to make sure that she is in front of someone who is interested in her for a lasting relationship. Also Alexandra and Manuel They did not stop chatting. talk about one Heavy past love disappointment. “His heart broke me and broke it” Says.

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First cruise date June 8th

Dinner continues

At first Silvia and Pietro are unable to relate. He is very shy but Working hard to find the topic of conversation. In the end, the ice breaks, But not without effort. After that, silence returns to the sovereign. And during dinner, no fly will fly. Silvia Seems frustrating, but Petro does not give up.

Meanwhile, dinner between Alexandra and Manuel are finished. The agreement between the two was completed and they decided to continue the evening in Manuel’s cabin. “He was exceptional in every way, and I am delighted to finish the evening with him.” Alexandra says.

Also Barbora and Danilo I’m about to eat dessert. between them Looks like a certain chemistry has happened. Although, perhaps, Danilo is more interested in Barbora than the other way around. “She is a woman one cannot get to the heart of the matter right away.” Dice Danilo. “Danilo is cute, we have many things in common” say instead Barbora. Their evening continues in the cabin, but then The second cold shower arrives at Danilo. “I don’t feel the chemistry and the spark. For me it’s not taken” I acknowledge Danilo. “I didn’t hold two poles so close together” yells Danilo.

finally, Pietro and Silvia come to the conclusion of their meeting. “I’m shy, I didn’t know what to say.” I acknowledge Petro. “I told him the truth, he was too shy. It wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel bad, but you are too boring for me” Silvia says she is convinced, but frustrated. But Pietro, right after that, openly announced to the television cameras that he owned it Zero interest in Sylvia. Total failure tonight.

Certainly more successful and boiling Conclusion of the appointment between Alexandra and Manuel. They kiss in front of the cameras, as well as in the booth ManuelLie on the bed. “He’s a prince. But I liked it.” He claims Alexandra.

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The next morning

The next morning, Manuel gives him a romantic surprise Alexandra: He brings her breakfast to her room. “It was a surprise; you can see that he is a beautiful person in every way. We haven’t talked about what we are going to do at the end of the cruise. But I would really like to keep seeing him. It is not easy to find someone like him.” Dice Alexandra. “That he found a wife cannot be said. But… I found something interesting” Let her continue Manuel.

Meanwhile, Angelo and Antonella prepare to leave the flight… together. Fortunately in love, And I decided to see each other as soon as possible. “I will give you a one-way ticket to Tenerife. If you want to go back… you will decide and you will take care of it.” tell her Angelo tenderly.

Between Manuel and Alexandra, the spark ignited. They continue the cruise together.

Barbora and Danilo did not fall in love. But he still did not give up.

Silvia and Pietro never met again.

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