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Never keep that object that we all especially attach to the bedside table. be cerfull!

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It’s no secret that I Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiationBut is it harmful? The CDC says there is no evidence of harm. But the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer describes radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” and recent research, including a disturbing 2009 study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, has reached similar conclusions.

No cell phone on the bedside table: all the health risks

Some people are so attached to their cell phones that they keep them on their table or even under their pillow. bad idea. Emitted from mobile phones electromagnetic radiation Wherever they are, which means sleeping with someone nearby increases exposure throughout the night. What do I do?

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Put the phone in Airplane Mode (which turns off the transceiver) or turn it off. If you want to be available to take calls, place the phone several meters from the bed.
Pockets and bras are a great place to keep your cell phone, right?

Dr. Davis says no, noting that the body’s absorption of cell phone signals decreases dramatically with distance. A phone a few inches away from the body delivers hundreds of times less radiation than the radiation on the skin.

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Why should parents discourage children from holding cell phones in their ears? Because their skulls are thinner and their brains are still growing rapidly. Dr. Davis says thin skulls cannot block cell phone radiation. If cell phone radiation causes harm, cell phones are likely to be more dangerous to children. According to Dr. Davis, what should children do? Using a landline, texting, hands-free, a headset—anything to keep cell phones out of your head.

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The weaker the signal displayed on the phone screen, the stronger the signal emitted by the mobile phone. The stronger the signal, the more radiation is transmitted to the body. If possible, when the signal is weak, Dr. Davis says, it’s best to use a landline phone, speaker, or headset.

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