All extensions expire on June 29th

We are back to normal with regards to renewing driver’s licenses. what does that mean? As we all know, due to the state of emergency related to Covid, several extensions for the renewal of the driver’s license were expected in Italy, which is now nearing its end. The June 29 In fact, the situation is back to normal.

A few more days in Expiration of any extension Related to the official documents and procedures for road traffic, which were specifically foreseen in the two difficult years of the coronavirus epidemic that we faced. We’re back to pre-Covid state, so licenses and reviews should be According to the normal deadlines.

It is essential to know that June 29th is the deadline for medical examinations to renew licenses, for CQCs (which are… Qualification cards for professional drivers of heavy vehicles) and CFP (Certificates of Professional Training) for the transport of dangerous goods. All those who drove with a foreign license or a CQC certificate were already excluded from these extensions: in the case of non-Italian documents, in fact, it was necessary to mention the postponements provided by the European Union for the Covid emergency, which has already expired.

Deadline for License Reviews and Pink Paper: What you need to know

We’re talking especially about the pink sheets, which we know are the documents issued to those who pass the theoretical licensing exam and which are used to practice driving. Also in this case the same rules apply, therefore, for documents that have a deadline between January 31 and March 31, extensions expire on June 29. Regarding the expected two months for the request to continue the theory test on a new pink paper, the same period is not taken into account: so those who have the document with a deadline between January 31 and March 31 2022, with an extension until June 29, 2022, in any case, there Two more months to be able to apply for a postponement of the theory exam.

Regarding revisions and controls on the means, expansions envisaged It’s all expired alreadyCurrently, those relating to technical approval of refrigerated vehicles, efficiency and tightness tests of tanks and the redevelopment or replacement of methane cylinders: all deferred until June 29, as well as authorization for exceptional transport and testing trading and technical inventory, remain active.

License Examination Extensions: What’s Happening Today

People who have to pass through local medical commissionLike the disabled, who have a temporary permit issued due to very long waiting lists, must submit for a visit no later than June 29th. The same also applies to those who have a class license CE, D1E, D, DE (trucks and buses) and during the state of emergency he was 65 and 60 years old respectively, the age at which certain control by the commission is required to continue driving heavy vehicles. Finally, there are the end-of-course certificates for initial or periodic CQC qualification and CFP completion and renewal, which also expire on June 29.

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