All dreams still fly May 26, review, Diouf, Ranieri

Diodato, Noemi, and The Kolors also participate in the first episode.

Friday May 26th from 21:25 onwards opinion 1He began All dreams still fly. The program, which was introduced during the last version of San Remo Festivalis performed by Massimo Ranieri And Rocio Munoz Morales. Several guests attend during the appointment, starting with Gianni Morandi. also present arise And Naomi. Finally, expect me Colors And bilateral.

All dreams still fly May 26 guests

All dreams still fly May 26, Gianni Morandi

Begins All dreams still fly On May 26th. At the preview, the host takes the stage to introduce the guests. After a short commercial break, let’s start with We leave where you wanthit b Massimo Ranieri. Then the latter takes the floor: “All the Dreams That Still Fly is a line from one of the most famous songs she has ever sung. But it is something more, almost a way of life. Sometimes dreams come true: see, for example, what Napoli didHe arrived on stage Rocio Munoz Moralesidentified by the tenant as “Traveling little sisterAt the behest of his co-host, Ranieri intones Betty hashish.

The artist improvises a boxing workout on stage and talks about his past experience:years before me I am She trained for months for a role, but the show ended badly. I was on the ground, with shattered dreams. And only when you fall do you need the help of friends and family to get back upAt these words he appeared on the stage Gianni Morandi. The two lying on the floor discuss their artistic pasts and pay tribute to characters such as George Streller. He reaches out to artists who remember the word “no” in the past and who regret it today. The entire narrative is fragmented through a performance there was a boy, What would it be, the first beautiful thing, At least you are in the universe, accordion, If I don’t have you anymore, Roma And Red flowers. Basically a concert.

Still all dreams fly on May 26 Massimo Ranieri

Speech by Rocío Munoz Morales

All dreams still fly May 26 with Rocio Munoz Morales reciting a poem Federico Garcia LorcaAccompanied by a guitarist Andrew Pestillo It is the dancer Sergio Bernal Alones. The letter is written entirely in Spanish, with an Italian translation superimposed.

Massimo Ranieri Return to center stage and sing create a fuss: it’s time for that bilateral. The song won the Sanremo Music Festival 2020 As expected, we remember the lockdown period, when the hit was sung on Italian balconies in quarantine. Artists get along sound of silence.

TV becomes theatre: Massimo Ranieri (which we remember is his stage name) has an improbable dialogue with his alter ego John Clooney. While the artist is full of energy, the person sometimes indulges in idleness. The singer-songwriter reveals:I’m sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I also did therapy, but the doctor told me that my therapy is musicAnd we return to singing: this time the interpreter performs My arms love. Morris Baptist He is the hero of the comic story: we are talking about the excavations of Rome. Honestly, there was no need for that.Massimo Ranieri Giovanni Calloni

All dreams are still flying May 26th, Noemi

All dreams still fly May 26 enriched by naomi, to which the conductor leads When love becomes poetry. Ranieri confirms that both, in 2022, will attend the A race for the seventh time San Remo. The duo has been turned on Love is hatedNote the beautiful trend that accompanies the different shows.

The owner comes on stage Wheeled song And causal. Also, at the invitation of Muñoz Morales, tell how the name came about Massimo Ranieri. The latter shows its rocky side with Colorswho leads him twist it screams Kind of sweets called Tutti Frutti and Johnny B. Good. The conductor, accompanied by frontman Stache, greets Domenico Modugno with Stay Comey. counting bilateral To introduce the new song Sunglasses. In the studio we dance with him You want to be American. “Dreams are the engine of my life, but they cost me a lot, especially in lovesays the bandleader before singing loss of love. ends here All dreams still fly On May 26th.

All Dreams Still Flying review May 26


All dreams still fly It’s a variety similar to the one Ranieri has already done, in particular I dream or am awake. Indeed, the differences between the two formats are minimal and the typical scheme of the shows is re-proposed Massimo Ranieri: many anecdotes and memories, with performances of songs that made the history of Italian music in the middle. Unlike in the past, the conductor wanted to be more involved, giving more central importance to the guests and, above all, to their repertoire. And this is undoubtedly a plus point of the program.

Overall the evening was a very pleasant and flowing one, albeit with some very slow moments. The nostalgic effect works off the transmission and shows through the long clip with the guest Gianni Morandi, who deflected anecdotes about his career for more than half an hour. Moreover, the desire to bring the old variety back into fashion is evident, a process that has recently been carried out in Rai by Loretta Joji and is Blessed spring.

in All dreams still fly The reference to the television of the past is also evident through the scenography. In this regard, the decision to cover the entire studio with a mosaic made up of the faces of great personalities from the world of Italian entertainment is quite beautiful. Special praise, then, goes to the director Duccio Forzanoable to enhance the glamorous side of the evening’s performances.

in front of one Rocio Munoz Morales She did not receive, finally, the formidable qualities of Massimo Ranieri. The latter, if he was still needed, ensured that he was one of the last remaining true showmen in the world of entertainment in our country. It is indeed for this reason alone, All dreams still fly It is a program worth watching.

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