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The overall epidemiological situation in Italy remains positive, with a slow improvement trend. However, the real test will be the next two weeks, given that the numbers currently in hospital remain high to allow for freedom comparable to that of last summer: in fact, the coming month will be crucial precisely in order not to jeopardize the summer period. The bulletin Today, April 26, issued by the Ministry of Health gives an account to 8444 injured, 16,539 recovered, and 301 dead On 145,819 scans, with a positive rate of 5.8% (+0.3).

The data is much better than the one released on Monday, both from the point of view of infection and mortality, but in general: we cannot speak of a clear improvement, and this is worrying in terms of reopening, given that Italy comes from a long orange / red period. Also because the state of the national health system, although it is constantly improving, is still at a critical level that cannot be underestimated: Today is a balance Admission to Covid wards is -27 (20,635 occupied beds), while hospital stays Intensive care is -13 (2849) with 132 new entries. The current positivity decreased to 452,812, while the number of deceased rose to 119,539.

Good news, as always, is associated with a progression Vaccination campaign: About 280,000 doses were administered on Sunday, for a total of 17,751,562. Compared to last Monday, nearly two and a half million doses were used in seven days: an indication that vaccination was finally starting to progress at a good pace, an aspect that appears critical to being able to reopen more safely in the coming months.

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