All announcements and summaries of the Sony conference

over there Sony conference at CES 2023 It didn’t book any particular surprises, but some interesting announcements related to the world of PlayStation have arrived, here are all the innovations that Sony announced overnight.

The first announcement concerns PS5 sales data: PlayStation 5 has sold 30 million consoles since its launch And December 2022 was the best month ever for sales, even surpassing launch month (November 2020). Almost five million PS5 consoles shipped worldwide in the last quarter.

Other news related to New games for PlayStation VR2: let’s talk about Beat Saber and Gran Turismo 7 VRthe latter will be available at the launch of the headset (February 22) and will be free for all those who already own a copy of Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5. And continuing to talk about Gran Turismo, at CES it was Here’s the first teaser look for Gran Turismoto be released in theaters on August 11.

Then Sony unveiled the Project Leonardo adaptive controllerAnd the Modular control panel designed to break down barriers Allowing even gamers with mobility impairments to enjoy their favorite titles. Project Leonardo is a fully customizable console thanks to a set of buttons and levers of various shapes and sizes, in order to meet the needs of each individual user.

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