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All about discount tickets for travel in the UK!

If you have been planning a train holiday in the UK, now is the time! The British government has just launched a program Great British train risingan initiative that provides Discounted tickets for off-peak travel It is scheduled for most of April and May. Discover all the benefits available to you here!

What the major British Railways expects to rise

The initiative just promoted by the government provides more than 1 million rail journeys up to 50% off. The sale of promotional tickets began on April 19 and It will end on the 2nd of May. The travel dates included in the promotion are From April 25 to May 27. Tickets must be purchased at least one day before the date of travel, and of course they are not available on all routes or from all railway companies.

Despite this, it would be possible to save a lot on some of the less popular but not as missed routes. For example, some services between Manchester and Newcastle may cost just over £10, plus the popular London-Edinburgh route may cost as little as £22 instead of £44.

The goal of the initiative and criticism of travelers

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps encouraged the Great Britain Railways to climb with the goal of Promote the use of railway servicesEspecially after the deficit recorded in the past two years. Despite this, there was no shortage of criticism as the initiative is attractive only to hikers and vacationers but does not offer No advantage for British passengers. On the contrary, the prices of the busiest roads recorded the highest increase in the past nine years!

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The reference period for the shows was also criticized. The sale, in fact, ends before both the midterm vacation (May 30 – June 3) and the Platinum Queen Jubilee (June 2-5). Thus it is estimated that the initiative will have effect only on 1% Of all the train journeys in the UK, none are exceptional.

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