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Alivernini Cinema arrives in the United States

In addition to the highly anticipated release of The Clown in September, America called Alivernini in order to realize a series called “Families.”

Romanian director Mirco Alevernini, having introduced the methodology of the double AI movie in Italy, continues his unstoppable rise in America as well.

Lots of news at home motherboard production. The director, returning from Canazei, in Trentino Alto Adige, where he filmed his latest work, now decides which of his new film projects should come to life.

“clown”, Currently being edited and due for release in September, it will be a noir thriller with strong suspense starring the heroes Mauro Massetti, Giulio Decorato, Valerio Rota Vega, Massimo Vagni and Roberta Aguzzi.

But not only. An unmissable proposal that comes from abroad: Create a series titled “Families”.

“An important development. At first it was difficult to get insiders to understand the huge advantage of using a smartphone. The tool allows you to reap significant benefits without losing quality” Director Mirko Alvernini announces.

The year 2023 will be marked by the advent of Christmas Comedy “All the fault of Santa Claus” with the Ansar Luigi Converso and Jasmine Pucci and with “the driver”, The first Italian film shot in series with only one actor and a Mustang.

“It will be difficult to separate the different groups but it is essential for me to be able to do all the projects in the best possible way. The love of my work always pushes me to do my best because cinema is important. The constant search for truth goes through the construction and self-denial that I have done and continue to do my work” Alivernini says.

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Valerio Rota Vega, actor and Assistant Director in his most recent work, it is for Alivernini “A source of reassurance for his great professionalism.”

Finally, Alivernini hopes to be back on the set soon too Tutu Gallo “Because from some people you can only learn to grow and become better people and artists.”

A team of people dedicated to cinema, a leading director in Italy and a childhood lover of Art Week and a tangible possibility of creating innovation: This is the directing assignment that Mirco Alevernini passionately pursues.

After the initial distrust, today Alivernini, along with his production company, Mainboard Production, enjoys success among the public and professionals.

Attendance at major film festivals, a passionate audience and an appreciation that transcends Italy makes Mirco Alevernini cinema the right mix of Innovation, technology and craftsmanship.

We just have to wait for the director’s new cinematography to arrive to fully enjoy all the vibrant “magic” of creativity!

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