Alicia Marcuse, I love to escape in London

Alicia Marcuse flees to London for love. Few days in the UK for a broadcaster who finds Inzaghi: Fans in ecstasy.

Alicia MarcuseIn this period, it is on everyone’s lips. The advantage of his return to television: In fact, after a pause, the announcer returns to the small screen and comes back from the Rai. The program for you on Raidue is ready. The project is still a work in progress, but it will almost certainly be a talk show Who focuses on entertainment: The woman showed flair a few months ago with Mara Venier.

Alicia Marcusi in London for love (ANSA)

Marcuzzi was a guest on the Domenica In Show, a welcome presence on official television for a former hyena who wants to get back into the game in other forms. Changing clothes is not just for work, the famous broadcaster is spending a few days in London for love. There, too, things are going well.

Alicia Marcusi, Love Escape with Inzaghi in London: Excited fans

Trip to the UK, the reason is my insatiability. Tommaso, his son, was previously coached by footballer Simon, who is now Inter coach. The boy is studying in England. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Business Administration from the University of Westminster. The general atmosphere of great occasions: Alessia Marcuzzi was clearly experienced by passion. There was also the rest of the family: an enlarged nucleus with the children of Facchinetti, another man with whom Marcuse had an affair.

Marcuse Alicia
Presented in the UK with Inzaghi (ANSA)

Big absent, however, father Simon Inzaghi. Busy with his inter and unable to leave for London: only a rather long phone call with his son, Dr. At the age of 21, many doors will now open. The year of redemption for him and his mother. Starting over in the best way starting with healthy values: The Inzaghi family is proof of that You can always start over if there is a basic lull. Alicia seems to have found it again, but Tommaso – judging by the smiles – never fails. Event Certificates over here.

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