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17.56: Soon, after the award ceremony, for the -71kg class, England’s Akbar and Welsh Croft will face the UK final

17.55: Serbian Abbasov won unanimously in the -67kg category. So the Georgian Guruli beat 5-0

17.41: It’s time for the -67 kg final: Georgian Goroli and Serbian Abbasov in the gold final. In three matches, he will take the role of Komi Blue

17.40: In the -54 class, Frenchman Bilal Panama defeated Ireland’s Eggelson unanimously.

17.37: A victory for the hosts with Hovhannes Pachkov, who beat the French Alhambra 5-0

17.34: In the -57kg weight category, Belgian Vassily Ostoroi won the continental title by defeating Armenian Bazian in the final.

17.32: The final in the -63 kg category will be held between the host of Armenia Pachkov and the French player Hamraoui

17.31: Spain’s Martin Salvador Molina won the European title -51 kg by defeating England’s MacDonald in the final.

17.25: In the finals held so far, Suhail Akhredovy won the European champion in the -48 kg category, by defeating the Bulgarian two swimmers.

17.20: Soon will come the final of the -63 kg category between the Armenian host Pachkov and the French Hamraoui

17.19: The European golden crowd whistled in the -60kg weight category for Georgian Gumtsyar, who beat Spain’s Quills Brotons 3-2

5.15 pm: Alfred Komi, after defeating sensational Ukrainian Ivan Sabon in the semi-finals, will play in the Middle Heviz final against Serbian Artyom Agigeev (in the semi-finals Croatian hangman Luka Plantik 4-1).

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17.10: The final of the -60kg weight class is taking place between Spain’s Quills Brutons and Georgian Gumtsyar

17.05: A long round of gold medal finals is underway, in about an hour it may be Alfred Comey’s turn, and in half an hour it will be Aziz Abbas Mohieldin’s turn: the two blues aiming to win the gold medal

17.01: Good evening friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live broadcast of the day dedicated to the finals of the European Men’s Boxing Championship to be held in Yerevan, Armenia

Good evening, and welcome to the live broadcast of the finals of the European Men’s Boxing Championships to be held in Yerevan, Armenia. Two of the Blues, in a particularly content-rich version of the Italian campaign, reached the final of their respective categories, and today they will struggle to climb to the top of the podium.

Aziz Abbas Mohieldin, after a high-profile tournament, faces Spain’s Emmanuel Reyes Bla in the heavyweight final. (Today, Armenian executioner Narik Manasyan vs. 5-0): The goal is to win the first gold medal of his career in Europe, After wearing silver in the World Cup that was held last fall. Campania has a favorable precedent against the Iberian boxer, defeating him in the semi-finals of the last World Championships.

other blue Alfred Komi, after his clear victory over the exciting Ukrainian Ivan Sabon in the semi-finals, will play the final of Middle Heviz against Serbian Artyom Agigeev (in the semi-final he will kill Croatian Luka Plantik 4-1). Whatever happens, the sixth and seventh medals for Italy will today reach the European Championships after the blue group won five bronze medals in recent days.

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OA Sport brings you live broadcast of the Men’s European Boxing Championship Finals to be held in Yerevan, Armenia: Real-time news minute by minute, so you don’t really miss anything. The Komi final will start around 5.15pm, and the Mohieldin final at 5.45pm. I listen.

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