Alfa Romeo Tonali interior: one photo, many doubts

Logic With few details available It is never easy. and this is The case of the Alfa Romeo Tonale that produces a more or less valid stray almost every day. What is known is the fact that road tests have been subjected to increased intensity in the last period.

In fact, the first C-SUV from Biscione will be presented at the beginning of 2022 and after that it will already be in the dealership from June 4. However, the final version of the Alfa Romeo Tonale could already be launched by the end of 2021, one One consideration already widely discussed at the time.

On the other hand, we are facing a project in a very advanced state of development and the first image (very few) of the interiors shows that even inside everything seems to be ready for formalization Lines and final solutions. approx.

Alfa Romeo Tonali Clinic interior
The interior of the Alfa Romeo Tonale Edition appeared during a well-known clinic test

What do we know about the interior of the Alfa Romeo Tonali

Being able to say something for sure about the final interiors of the Alfa Romeo Tonali An activity that today cannot give certain results. What we do know is that the final version of the cockpit should differ slightly from the pattern seen in the model used in the clinical testing phase at the time. Stylistic and functional extremes are seen As far as the cabin of the Tonale concept is concerned, it should clearly be left out for obvious reasons.

What is certain is, for example, the overall design of the gear lever seen in the clinic test car, the steering wheel and a few other things can vary. The first photo we also reported Who is the, shows us more details on what will be the actual interior of the Alfa Romeo Tonale that we will see in the coming months.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Last Watch Spy Pictures
In this photo it is possible to distinguish the infotainment screen with cantilevered brace, but above all, they are devices that are nothing but digital.

The image we propose here appears to confirm the stylistic dictates seen on the Tonale presented in the clinical testing phase. In fact, there’s a large infotainment screen that juts out: a stylistic concept that would transcend the setup used on the Julia and Stelvio. However, you can also take a first look at the dashboard. In this case, we are faced with a solution that does not appear to be intended to use a screen with digital devices. In fact, one seems to see a “real” indicator of the analog dashboard setup.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Last Watch Spy Pictures

There are two hypotheses. Or the hardware refers to a basic version of the Tonale, where the on-board image was captured with small circuits that could configure the cheaper variant, where an analog instrument panel would be used or enforced. The slide crisis forced a drastic change of speed (it must be remembered that Peugeot also had to adjust the instrument panel in the new 308 during construction). According to other rumors, it will instead simply be an endless instrument panel that we will not see in the final version of the upcoming Alfa Romeo Tonale.

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