Alfa Romeo Tonale Kids Edition: Family Edition

Alfa Romeo Tonale Kids Edition It’s an interesting version of the successful Casa del biscione SUV designed for younger families.

Introduced as a preview in the UK, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Kids’ Edition features a series of carefully designed accessories To make traveling with your kids easierstarting with a Removable integrated changing table In the rear parcel shelf, a baby monitor to keep offspring sitting on the rear seats under control and several roof boxes to keep the passenger compartment and trunk tidy.

Research conducted by Alfa Romeo UK has in fact shown that 59% of parents would like to maintain the style of their car’s interior which is often messy and compromised by transporting baby gear.

At the same time, most of the interviewed respondents reported serious difficulties with Keep the car clean with children on board And embarrassed to carry others in the car.

Maintaining the sportiness and distinctive style typical of the brand, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Children’s Edition is designed for Improved practicality.

The luggage compartment includes a changing table that, when the tailgate is opened, can be slid out of the parcel shelf without compromising the cargo volume. Special seat covers maximize storage space Available including drink holder, snack box and pen holder.

Since the company’s research revealed that children kick on the front seats more than three times per trip, the gray leather seat covers are protected with a special Protective panels It bears the Alfa Romeo logo.

In the Tonale children’s version, not even a single one is missing Baby monitor to connect to your smartphone To keep young passengers in check, eliminate the difficulty and stress of checking their movements through the interior rearview mirror.

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To ensure a good level of in-flight entertainment while traveling, we find two in the back of the front seats Tablet standing that it toy container Folding center back seat.

To keep the interior clean, equipment includes a12 volt car vacuum cleaner that it Garbage container A 6-liter tank is installed behind the center console. custom Trunk organizerhelping to maximize load capacity, also includes a cabin cleaning kit complete with brushes and leather seat cleaners.

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