Alfa Romeo, the new sedan is coming: what we know about the eagerly awaited novelty that will replace the Giulia


Another step forward towards tomorrow with the foresight of its vast wealth of experience. Will Alfa Romeo hit the mark with the new Berlina? Here is the news and what is known about it.

must replace julia, It becomes the cornerstone of the “Mother House” and marks a step towards a really, sort of, new phase promote from Alfa Romeo As understood.

This is the intention, ambitious but not irrelevant, of new sedan Which should plow the road neatly Alfa Romeo: A sedan packed with plenty of curiosities. any?

If curiosity aligns with heresy, Then the first indication that we are facing the sedan suspected of becoming the heir Julia Refers to the rumors that have surfaced so far.

Among other things, more than indiscretion, they are already programmatic instructions in a way since the first affirmations also came from capes From the house of Alfa Romeo. that by saying?

Alfa Romeo, the sedan that will arrive

In practice, the first news has appeared regarding the next sedan model. It was presented by Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe I learned which widely gave some directione.

Alpha- (motorzoom)

Car model in principle, plus julia, It is referred to as an electric alternative to SUVs Alfa Romeo Stelvio With a trajectory, among other things, well defined over time.

A specific date is indicated, from 2026, Like the one about the real moment of change for Alfa: strategic, structural and programmatic. And Berlina could be architecture.

Some kind of car should take advantage of the platform big stella from the norm stellants, Which gives a continuity of just one year from the arrival of the large sedan, the DPart E which seems to have a specific purpose.

Alfa Romeo sedan, targets and competition

to be able to compete with Taycan. Therefore, this vehicle in the pipeline must retain the name Stelvio: We named it that precisely because no name was indicated, it would be a strong point for the company.

Alpha Logo – (Motorzoom)

according to CEO flag At the heart of the project should be practicality and ease of driving, and a renewed concept of safety and interior comfort.

Already in other moments, Imparato itself indicated a structural project related to the idea of ​​replacement on the electrical front alfa romeo, Giulia with a large new sedan plan related to Great base stella.

Of course, we are ahead of the times, and even earlier there was talk of a plan five years. So all that’s left is to wait, see, catch.

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