Alex Bowman leaves Australia for health reasons

Just a few months after he was appointed CEO of swimming australiaAnd Alex Bowman He announced that he was leaving the position for health reasons.

Baumann stated:

“As a two-time cancer survivor, I appreciate the importance of health and family. I was very happy with Olympina’s performance. I’m excited for the Paralympic athletes who will be leaving for Tokyo next week. I realize it’s a tough time, but I know I have to take this time for myself and my family now.”

Baumann is leaving his post after the Australian swimming team put on its best performance at the Olympics. The team won 9 gold medals. Breaking the record for the 1956 Melbourne Games.

“I am proud of my contribution. My time in Swimming Australia, including the results at the Tokyo Olympics, will forever be the highlight of my career.”

Baumann replaced Lee Russell last spring. Baumann previously served as CEO of the Queensland Sports Academy and CEO of Queensland Swimming.

swimming head australia Crane Perkins I reported that Bowman resigned.

“Alex has been integral to our success with his high performance expertise and leadership in our organization.

“We are sad to see Alex go. This is a huge loss to our sport, but we understand his reasons for his passing and we thank him for everything he has done in swimming Australia. We understand that health is more important than anything else. We wish him and his family all the best for the future.

The Australian Swimming Council will appoint an interim CEO.

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