Alex Bailey suggested a three-way relationship with Delia.

Alex Bailey and a shock proposal to a competitor: An unexpected confession arrives

Casa del Grande Frateello Vip always offers great vibes and an often unpublished backdrop to the world of entertainment and the characters that inhabit it. This trend was confirmed in the last hours by Antonella Fiordelisi, who, during her conversation with Edoardo Donnamaria, decided to let herself go to a completely unexpected confession. Needless to say, the hero of this story is the adorable character in the previous version of the reality show with his wife Delia Duran. The two were going to suggest something in particular to the 24-year-old from Salerno, who explained, “He also offered me a trilogy and I told him no. That’s right… I don’t have a problem saying that. With Delia Duran, his wife. They are very good though, very cute and fun. They have free love, you know, right? I’ve never been with a woman but when I want to be with a woman I’ll tell them.”

Antonella Fiordelici without brakes in the GF Vip: will there be a showdown against Geneva?

During the Big Brother VIP episode that aired on Thursday, Antonella Fiordelici I had a heated confrontation with the Lamborghini Ginevra. The two had already erupted a week ago, when Eletra’s sister Antonino slammed Spinalbes and in the following days Fiordelici spared her harsh words from the Chamber of Deputies. But after the livestream on Thursday, the 24-year-old didn’t seem too satisfied with all the things she said to the former competitor, showing her willingness to grab the hatchet again. There was also a gesture from Geneva that did not go unnoticed to raise morale. Before the end of the episode, she was framed to make comments with Ciacci and Antonella said to herself ready to slay her repeatedly.

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Do you like Antonino Spinalbese? Yes, but he prefers Eduardo Donnamaria: the whole truth

leave aside suggestion Alex BaileyAt home, it must be said that Antonella let herself go with Edoardo Donnamaria. However, it was rumored for several days that she was actually interested in Antonino Spinalbese but due to his lack of interest, she launched herself in the face of the forum. However, Thursday’s episode saw the challenger demonstrate this by making it clear that although the former Belen is aesthetically beautiful, she found Eduardo a character more like him and that’s why she prefers him. Between the two it seems to be going well and I have overcome the differences of the past weeks.

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