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Alessandra Aiou: From Vico Equense to the USA and her passion for Italian cuisine

congratulations for Alessandra Aiou, Originally from FICO Equines But for years in New Jersey, in the USA. Chosen as a guest speaker in Italian American Heritage Club By Hunterdon.

Alessandra Aiou was born in Vico Equense. Spirits In New Jersey for 45 years She feels fortunate to be able to return to Italy when she can. Alessandra’s interest in cooking started at a young age as she watched her grandmother and mom prepare meals every day for a family of 12, which is a huge challenge. Once his family was established in the United States, then A passion for cooking Di Alessandra continued to grow with foods from various Italian regions. His mother and brother were delicious eaters where he worked for many years. The joy of the happy customers is still engraved in his mind, satisfying his life.

While in quarantine, Alessandra finally had time to start Record his attributes So that he passes it on to his daughters. And she hopes that one day they will continue their tradition of authentic food. The family videos have turned into a file YouTube channel. The channel is now reaching people all over the world, and Alessandra is really pleased with the reaction of her viewers. Her biggest fan is her husband, who is interested in recording and editing videos. Food is love And sharing it with family and friends is the greatest gift in life.

It is Alessandra’s pleasure to share her love of cooking with everyone who is interested. If you want to see her videos, you can go to YouTube and search for “Alessandra’s Food is Love.”

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