Alert from ATMs across Italy: what’s going on? “caution”

The ATM corresponds to a technology known as such even if the monolithic circuit is not used, even becoming a part of the common imagination, such as Make an automatic teller machine It defines a procedure that is often inherent in performing remote operations in automated teller machines, such as withdrawing cash.

Alert from ATMs across Italy: what’s going on? “caution”

If the ATM has been a novelty from both a technological and conceptual point of view since the 1980s, today the situation is significantly different compared to the past few decades. As electronic money has become more popular, so have the costs of maintaining ATMs.

For banks, it is increasingly costly to keep these terminals active because in principle they are less present on the national territory, even if the number of withdrawals has increased dramatically in the last two years also because many online banks offer free withdrawals made at affiliated ATMs to other credit institutions.

The most expensive “collection” of withdrawals in terms of commissions is not far off, Bancomat SpA itself has submitted various requests to the antimonopoly with a demand to cancel the interbank commission, that is, the fixed rate when withdrawing sums of money from a bank branch that is not part of our “collection”.

The commission is set, usually it is determined by the type of circuit used, for example for ATMs it is usually a surcharge of 49 euro cents euroan amount that can be increased by any costs decided by the bank itself.

At least for 2023 the situation should not change, also because antitrust unfairly considered a different form of prices that would have been decided by individual banks, in this way the most influential banks could have developed higher costs, even higher than with a minimum of 1.50 EUR per single transaction.

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