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pearl between Channel Islands (Channel Islands), located in the north of the archipelago, Alderney It is one of those paradises that remains untouched by mass tourism. A holiday destination dedicated to true relaxation. It can be reached in a 15-minute journey from Guernsey, or by sea ferry, which can also be taken from Port Diélette in France. Whether you want to stroll the cobbled streets of St. Anne’s, rent a bike or explore the island by boat, there is so much for you to discover, including numerous historic sites, abundant wildlife, small villages, and of course, beautiful beaches lapped by crystal clear waters. .

Alderney, between history and untouched nature

The Channel Islands, also known as the Channel Islands, are politically divided between The Bailiff areas of Guernsey Based on jersey, both of which are dependencies of the British Crown, although they are not part of the United Kingdom. Those who inhabit are Jersey, among the most beautiful places in Europe, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark, Herm, Geetho, Breckshaw and Lehoe. There is also the small inhabited island of Chausey, South Jersey, which belongs to France and is less well known.

The history of Alderney Island, the third largest of the Channel Islands, can be traced back to an interesting site Alderney Museum. Built in 1790, this beautiful old building, which was once a school on an island, is steeped in local history and charm. The award-winning museum illustrates the history of the island from the Iron Age to the present day, and hosts fascinating lectures and exhibitions, including a comprehensive exhibition of the island. Elizabeth wreck of Alderney and the recent discovery of a Roman remains.

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Alderney is also one of the ideal locations for the Channel Islands Wildlife lovers. Its diverse habitats range from coastal grasslands to subtidal kelp forests, and attract seabirds, dolphins, bats, and the rare “blond” hedgehog. Visit in spring and summer to see colonies of puffins and gannets that thrive during these seasons.

Alderney’s beautiful beaches

the Golden beaches Alderney is ideal for a day of relaxation, swimming in the sea or water sports. Most popular on the island braai beachMinutes from the town and port of Saint Ann. The clear and calm waters, protected by a breakwater, are safe for paddle boarding or swimming. The many services available within walking distance make it an excellent choice for families as well. Then there are the restaurants on Bray Road, accessed from the beach side just behind the dunes, to enjoy a long lunch with stunning views. This beach is also home to many events during the summer, including the famous sand dunes and raft races that take place every August.

Arch However, it is the smallest, most protected, secluded and quiet beach on the island. From here there are stunning views of two Victorian forts, Château â L’Etoc to the left and Fort Corblets to the right, and the impressive lighthouse. At low tide, you can access Corblets Bayhe walks across the rocks to the nearby beach.

shore Sai, adjacent to the campsite on the north east coast of Alderney, attracts people of all ages with its stunning white sand dunes, sheltered by rock heads on either side, which gently drop into clear blue waters, perfect for a swim. Even in the height of summer, it’s often possible to take a beach entirely to yourself, or at most share it with oyster fishermen or gray seals.

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On the southeastern coast of the island, there is a beach longis It is the most accessible, and boasts the longest stretch of sand in Alderney. The bay has a gentle slope, perfect for enjoying a swim in the clear waters or kayaking. At low tide it’s really impressive because you can walk for miles and explore the rock pools.

Finally, she will win you over Clonk Bay, which faces west towards the Ramsar Designated Site Area, which is home to a number of different marine ecosystems, and towards Barhu Island. It consists of a large rocky area extending towards the sea and some sandy areas at low tide, and is one of the islanders’ favorite places to enjoy the sunset. It is dominated by imposition Clonk FortToday, you can enjoy the experience of staying in an old castle.

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