Alcohol, not all are the same

The dilemma that has always plagued everyone is whether alcohol is harmful or good for your health. The truth lies in the fact that you should pay special attention to the type of drink you choose because not all of them are alike. This is best to buy or order in the restaurant.

Italians are known to love to accompany their meals with a good glass of wine or a pint of beer. But what are the consequences for our health? A group of researchers revealed the best option on the table.

Alcohol, which is preferred to use (web source)

Risks derived fromalcoholic And strong alcohol is mainly associated with excessive consumption. Moderation is always the best option Even in these cases, it turns out to be a winner.

What do you choose between red, white or beer?

However, there is a preference between sipping red wine, white wine and beer. Scientists point to this Consuming beer puts our bodies at risk derived from Increased levels of visceral fat.

This type of buildup is different from the fat we know. It has worse characteristics since then It settles on the abdominal organsit is difficult to get rid of and undermine the functions of the organism.

The study found that Wine consumption has nothing to do with fat accumulation Therefore, it is preferable to choose it instead of beer or other alcohol.

However, there is also a distinction based on the type of wine you prefer. Red glass is rich in polyphenols Some studies have found that even a small amount Improves gut health e to contribute to Reducing the risk of diabetes.

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white wine against, Affects bone mineral density. Those who prefer this type of alcohol show a more resistant skeleton than those who consume red.

It is not true that he is fattening only because of the alcohol

Science has also debunked the myth that alcohol abusers tend to be overweight. Consuming these drinks is one of the reasons that lead to weight gain. The development of visceral fat is mainly associated with incorrect diet and insufficient physical exertion.

A glass of red wine helps the body (web source) 05.05.2022
A glass of red wine helps our bodies (web source)

The ultimate goal that scientists set for themselves is To investigate the relationship between excessive alcohol use and the onset of degenerative diseases and cognitive aging among the elderly.

On one thing the world of science is compact and agreed upon. Any doctor advises not to drink too much alcohol Which, of course, negatively affects the organism and our psychophysical abilities. So let’s say yes to a glass of wine at every meal, but be careful not to overdo it!

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