Alcohol intake boosts self-esteem: a study

It is believed that the more alcohol you drink, the higher your self-esteem: the study comes directly from Grenoble University Laurent Piggy


If you need a great deal of self-esteem, next time you just need to … get drunk. SearchGrenoble University Laurent PageShow that the more alcohol you drink, the higher your self-esteem. The results of the study were published in Journal of Individual Differences.

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Alcohol boosts self-esteem and study details

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The study took place in a bar, where I asked men and women to rate their attractiveness. After answering, he was passed on to inflate a breathing analyzer. Hence the sentence.

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Although you have better self-esteem, in the eyes of others you may be less attractive and there is a greater risk of making a bad impression. The abilities of alcohol are actually those that make people less visible, and thus their judgment skills, and make them more deprived. After all, then, we’re back to being rational and insecure when the hangover is gone.

In short, if you need a little nudge to do something important, look for it in yourself, not in alcohol. Rate the positives and negatives and always think that it is better to feel regret rather than regret.

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