Albinga Hospital retired, Chief Physician of Medicina de Franceschi

Albinga. “These are the last working days of a great doctor, medical executive, primary spent Living in public health with self-denial and generosity. I’m talking about Teresiano de Franceschiwhich at the end of the month will stamp the card for the last time and move to pension. His professional approach speaks for itself: from 1980 a medical assistant in a hospital then an assistant in charge of general medicine, then since 1994 a medical director of the first level for group A internal discipline and then from December 23, 2004 until now (after the three renewals of positive evaluation) Director of the internal medicine hospital SC in Ponente ASL 2 Savonese Albenga branch with direct management of staff and resources.” This was stated by Forza Italia city councilor Eraldo Ciangherotti.

“And this is not the whole career path of Dr. De Franceschi. From 12/02/2002 to 31/07/2005 Teresiano was also Director of the Administration of the Albenga Hospital with the specific role as a reference for Asl2 for the construction of the new Albenga Hospital. This means that Chief Physician De Franceschi was The “operating arm” of the then-regional advisor of Forza Italia Angelo Barbero, for the construction of the new hospital in Albenga. If this hospital, now led by the district led by Totti and formerly Borlando, has gradually declined, it exists today thanks to De Franceschi ”, continued Chiangheirotti.

“Personally I do not want to greet Dr. De Franceschi, the “executor” of the new Santa Maria di Misericordia, I would like to thank my friend Teresiano whom I have known for a long time, Always available, loved by his patients, and able to be in harmony with those who livein the hospital, hard times. He is a doctor before he became a doctor, a nuance that speaks volumes about his sensitivity, as well as his undisputed professionalism, ”concluded the retirees.

“I would like to publicly thank the chief medical officer of the Albenga Hospital and I would like to thank him publicly – says the mayor of ingauno
Deputy Mayor at the time of the Zunino Military Council then took the position of Managing Director of Albenga Hospital. In those years, I had the privilege of working with him as a counselor for social services and then continuing to discuss the topic of the hospital. “Terry”, as those close to him call her, He really did a lot for Angelo Barbero and Mayor Mauro Zunino To build a new hospital Get excellent results. This team was really brave and determined who knew how to achieve their goals. Thanks Terry. Enjoy your retirement, you may now still have some time to devote to Albenga.”

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