Albanian rapper OG Merks in the UK defends his music against government charges and raises issue of bias in British media

Albanian rapper OG Merks in the UK defends his music against government charges and raises issue of bias in British media

Albanian rapper OG Merks says he has expressed his opinion through his music after he sparked controversy over a video in which he showed a British news program that appeared to discriminate against Albanians.

Albanian rapper OG Merks, who resides in the United Kingdom, raised the issue of widespread racism in the British media, after his music video sparked outrage over alleged discrimination against Albanian citizens.

In the video, the rapper shows a British news broadcast reporting on a statement by Home Secretary Soella Braverman in which she spoke about an “influx” of Albanians into the country, accompanied by the caption. “Albanians in the UK: Criminals or Slaves?”.

The image has been criticized for suggesting the phrase assumes that all Albanians in the country are either criminals or victims of modern slavery. The rapper said he expressed his opinion on the issue through his music and that he had no violent intentions.

However, this event raised the issue of stereotypes and prejudices in the British media, especially against ethnic Albanians. It is hoped that the incident will raise awareness and change the way the British media represents and treats people of foreign origin.

Marco Fromm Tropoja’s music video…

Bledar Ramaj, Og Marks, used Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s speech during a YouTube music video for his song “Marco From Tropoja”. The Londoner was seen kicking off a screen showing Ms. Braverman’s speech, just as she said it “All Albanians living in the UK are criminals.”

The title of the song refers to the name of an Albanian gang leader in Liam Neeson’s 2008 film “Taken”, which is about a kidnapped girl, and the region the character is from.

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And today, Ramage said in a lengthy Instagram post, “Good morning. I was woken up by some disturbing news today that my name has been used in several UK newspapers in connection with my video “Marco Vroom Tropoja” which was released on 03.12.22.

As an artist, I express myself through my music. At the time, Suella Braverman was saying that all Albanians living in the UK are criminals (that’s not true at all) and as an artist she expressed this by destroying a TV in my music video. Recruitment from a British entertainment company specializing in props. Anyone who knows me knows that I was raised with respect and manners.

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